Introduction to Perform

What can Perform do?
Attractive in terms of craftsmanship, Perform has been developed as an environmentally-friendly alternative to lead.
Since 2002 the use of lead for roofing materials has been banned in Denmark.

The Danish Environmental Protection Agency has supported the development of Perform.(For details of the report, see Development of environmentally friendly lead-free flashing

Perform is used for flashing of undulating tiled roofs, eternit roofs and similar profiled roof sheets. (A flashing is the joint between the roof and, for instance, a chimney pot).

Perform is very suitable for the purpose as it is easy to form into shape, can be extended and shortened and having been formed, the self-supporting material will keep its shape.

What is Perform?
Perform is a composite material consisting of an aluminium grid embedded in rubber. Perform has stronger tensibility lengthwise and greater transverse rigidity.
These qualities can be used for fitting purposes.

How to fit Perform

A slight folding of the Perform material along one or more edges produces an elegant closing shape and greater rigidity.
If formed against a surface, the Perform hammer will quickly form the material into shape with a fine result.
Perform can be joined with itself and with many other materials.
There are several options for joining and fixing, such as:
  • Folding, for instance combined with Perform adhesive. Perform adhesive consists of the same silane-modified polymer as the rubber in the Perform sheet.
  • Glueing with Perform adhesive. Perform primers are recommended for glueing onto porous material like concrete, brick and untreated wood.
  • Glue should rest during the hardening process. Joints can be fastened during hardening with screws or Perform instant glue.
  • Mechanical fixing by using rivets. nails or screws with a head of a suitable size, such as roofing nails.

Perform is suitable for individual surface coating.

Perform is supplied dyed throughout in the colours: black, grey and brick red.

With Perform adhesive it is possible to apply a layer to the surface using another material, such as slate litter, which is also used for sanded roofing felt. The picture shows a coating with reflective ballotini. The edges are folded to form a soft end.